Aja Smart

My name is Aja (pronounced Asia) and I am the designer, maker and owner of Strand Texture which developed in 2019. I discovered my passion for creating various textiles and how they add a special feel to an environment. I owned Aja Smart Jewelry for the 15 years prior, and occasionally incorporate jewelry in my works. Creating fiber art has become my form of expression that one could say it is part meditation and part sharpening of the brain.
Being a maker and artist has encompassed my entire life using various mediums which include painting, drawing, crocheting, sewing and more.I am truly inspired by beautiful interior design, nature, fashion and eclectic world art.
Residing in Mill Valley, Ca. I live with my husband and young son where we enjoy the outdoors, being with animals, planting and being silly.



Strand Texture textile pieces are specially handmade using various macrame knots and weaving. Many works in the collection take an average of 5-10 hours, with large scale hangings up to 20-25 hours.

Sourcing materials that are high quality and easy on the planet is a top priority. All cotton cord and rope is made of eco-friendly recycled materials, with some also organic and certified toxic free. The main supplier is from female owned Ganxxet of Miami whose products are manufactured in Spain. Other fibers include natural wool, handspun yarns and silk. Wall hangings are strung onto wooden dowels or locally sourced handpicked driftwood.



Wonderful feedback from my Customers

"I keep seeing your beautiful artwork, which is magnificent. We are thoroughly enjoying ours. Our daughter took her piece back to college and loves it. My friend loves hers too!"

L. Flaherty, Mill Valley , Ca

"It's perfect! I love, love, love my piece. Thank you so much."

B. Archilla, Seattle, Wa.

"Your beautiful wall hanging is so calming and I love looking at it in my room, especially after a stressful day."

R. Hornstein, San Francisco, Ca.